h y p e w o l f

h y p e w o l f

Join the new era with HypeWolf.

HypeWolf will be a part of a new era, an incomparable art form resulting from the fusion of two projects and their best utilities and the best clothing.

Our exclusive community is based on HYPEBEAST fashion, known for its high quality and prestige. Experience exclusivity as a HypeWolf holder


The utility of this new project will be based on something completely new and improved - taking the best from Bizarre Platypus and Cyberlinx and turning it into an enhanced version.

We aim to bring the best clothing as part of the main concept from BP and the games from CL.

Why HypeWolf? A new era for our holders.


We understand the needs of our community and want to give the best to those who believed in us from the beginning and also those who doubted but stayed with us.

Games & Utilities

The games and utilities that you have already experienced in Cyberlinx will be part of HypeWolf, with their best visual and interface versions, such as Staking, NFT Slot, Game Vs, and Lucky Circle.


This new art will be exclusive to our two communities, so if you want to be part of this exclusive group, you can get any of our NFTs to be part of this new collection.


We guarantee our holders not only the security of having a website that is more secure than ever but also of offering complete transparency to our community with every detail and update committed to a new era.

Clothing Utility

The best clothing, the best quality, and the best designs will be part of the HypeWolf utilities, setting us apart with the exclusive HyperBEAST style.

Friendly UI/UX

New user-friendly UI/UX interface, with a much cleaner visual style. This new style promotes HypeWolf's main vision, which is style and simplicity.


Bizarre platypus and
HypeWolf Clothing Store

In our vision for a new era, the Bizarre Platypus clothing store and HypeBeast lifestyle will fuse together into an enhanced new version. We're working to create a merch and clothing store with the best finishes and materials we can offer to our community.

Exclusive bags, skateboards, hoodies, t-shirts, keychains, lighters, stickers, glasses, and many more things are in our plans.

You can pay with SOL, and the price is automatically updated according to the daily price of Solana. We've thought of every detail to make your journey with HypeWolf something unique and unforgettable.

Deposit SOL and NFTs

At hypewolf we handle deposit and withdrawal for a better flow with our utilities

Within the platform you can send SOL and even NFTs to other accounts as a gift or as a tip

A New Era of Visual Style

Experience the most stylish visual look and feel, along with intuitive and user-friendly utilities, available soon. Our enhanced versions will make your experience even better.


A laboratory for creating NFT projects for other communities, promoting sustainability with a percentage of profits dedicated to our holders, coming soon.













We have come to rewrite our history in the Solana ecosystem.
It's time to embrace a new and authentic hype mode.











Beyond the Digital World

Our plans for the future go beyond the digital world. We aspire to become a brand with a tangible presence and real-world applications. We're not content with simply excelling in the NFT space, we want to expand our reach beyond just visuals and interfaces.


Buy, sell, and trade traits
associated with the collection.




FAQ arrow

What is HypeWolf?

HypeWolf is the best version of a fusion between two Solana projects - a new era, a new vision and an improved image that simplifies everything we ever wanted to be into something special and unique.

Who can access HypeWolf?

To mint a HypeWolf, you only need to have an NFT from Bizarre Platypus or Cyberlinx (our previous projects).

How can I upgrade my NFTs?

You will have an official site to do the migration, we will announce it on discord when it is ready

What happens if I haven't upgraded after some time?

Even if you arrived late in the old discords, you can still access the upgrade as long as you have a Cyberlinx or Bizarre Platypus NFT. No one will be left behind, and regardless of when you arrived, you can still get your HypeWolf.

Can I trade my weapons and batteries?

Batteries will be exchanged in the future for new airdrops, an artwork update, a different name and collection.

How can I purchase clothing from the store?

At HypeWolf, shopping is simple. You can pay with Solana, and the price is automatically updated according to the daily price of Solana, with each item having a fixed price. You can also create customized merchandise with your favorite NFTs, even from other collections. Only holders of the specific NFT can have it cut and incorporated into the garment. Please note that this option is currently available in a limited list of countries. We recommend verifying that your country is on the list before making a purchase.

How is the exchange of CL or BP to HW?

1 BP = 1 HW
1 BPL = 2 HW
1 CL = 1 HW